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  "When strength is lacking, let motivation push you forward."

"Pain means progress. Don't let it get the best of you."


Progress Update!

Well ladies and gents, it has been 22 months since I've had surgery. I'm sure some of you have some ponderings as to whether or not my leg has recovered, or turned into a gangrenous mass and fallen on the floor. Good news! I am gangrene free, and the knee is feeling well! From time to time I still have pains in my knee, and am still nervous doing heavy lifting, or playing basketball, which is much more of a personal issue than a medical issue. I am happy to say my knee has not given out once, and feels quite stable. I've played a little bit of basketball with friends, but have mainly been playing softball, running, and lifting weights. My speed has decreased some, but I'd attribute most of that to a lack of sprinting/training for speed. All-in-all, I'm happy with where I'm at, except for the pains I sometimes have that last for a couple days. The scar really hasn't change much (picture below).

I've heard their are a host of topical creams (actual link!) you can buy to lessen the visibility of the scar, but I honestly like it. It's a good reminder of how far I've come since the injury, and surgery. If I ever need a quick spike of motivation, all I have to do is look down and realize what it took to get through that, and it really makes what I'm going through not seem that bad! I know, Jason (me, in third person, I promise I'll never do it again) took a second to be Mr. Lame, but it's true!

Never get down on your recovery! Everybody's injuries/situations are different, which will lead to a wide variety of recovery times. Just make sure you keep following what your doctor/surgeon/PTist has told you to do. I was told time and time again the harder I pushed things early on, the better things would be for me further along in my recovery. I think that philosophy has definitely paid dividends for me as my range of motion has come back completely, I can crouch with no pain, and only have minor issues I'm working with at this point. Keep your motivation with you, and if their is ever anything I can do to help you, let me know!




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