Calender of Progress and PT Exercises
Listed below are the various PT exercises I was assigned in a calendar fashion to help gauge progress.
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  Day before surgery. No food or water past 12:00am. Surgery. Arrived at 11:00am. Surgery at 1:00pm. Left at 5:30pm. 1st PT session. Pretty well out of it and in pain. Initial PT exercises, changed dressing. At home PT as I could. Ate saltines, not cause I had to, cause I like them. Cryocuff is my savior. 2nd PT session. Feeling slightly better. Did some exer., same as home but monitored More at home PT. Starting to pick up the pace a bit. Still hurts incredibly.
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
At home PT 3 times today. Pain meds only help so much. Thank you Hydrocodone. At home PT 3 times today. Getting better. Cryocuff and digital cable is no way to live! PT session. Can't do leg lifts. Started gate training with crutches. Normal exercises. 1 week follow-up with surgeon. ROM at 30 degrees when it should be at 90. PT for 3 hours that night. Was able to get some extra pain meds to help with at home PT. Started putting more weight on my knee. Hit PT all day, with 20-30 min. of cryocuff mixed in. Work from home a bit. No more dressing changes. PT session. Started bike. Couldn't go all the way around. Leg lifts for first time (3). Aggressive at home PT pays off. ROM: 95 degrees. Work from home a bit. Continue with aggressive all day at home PT. Get some good music and some cheap headphones! Started walking around without immobilizer. Call me gimpy, but I'm getting around!
26 27 28 29 30 31  
Hit PT really hard. Head back to house near work (30 miles from where I'd been staying). Driving for the first time since surgery feels good. First day back to work! The walking is slow going, but I'm working on it. Get home from work and do PT until bedtime. PT at new location. With seat raised I can fully rotate on bike. ROM: 115 with no force tugging. More exercises added. Work and at home PT. Walking is getting easier yet, but can't use leg muscles on stairs. Stopped using pain medication. PT session. Exercise bike no problem. ROM: 120 with no force. Last of sterry strips from follow-up gone. Feeling near incission coming back. At home PT. Avoid bars for sake of keeping off my feet. Low key Halloween at the brothers.