Calender of Progress and PT Exercises
Listed below are the various PT exercises I was assigned in a calendar fashion to help gauge progress.
            Moderate at home PT. Hanging with friends.
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At home PT. Stair practice. Trying to emphasize strengthening my knee. Work and at home PT. PT session. told to start walking faster. Catching and pressure in knee when attempted. Knee gives out if I walk too fast. PTist moved knee cap around, hurt vertical, but was ok horizontally. Hit at home PT hard after work. Really concentrating on stairs. Strength still doesn't seem to be there. Some slight instability feelings in knee. Light at home PT (making of website videos was all the PT for the day). No PT today. Worked on website. Did about an hour of therapy in the morning, then went to the mall with a friend and walked. I was able to really iron out my limp a lot. My knee still gets stiff if I walk for a while, but it's doing much better!
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Another hour or so in the morning of PT. Hoping for 130 degrees by my Thurs. PT appt. Got home from work and have done about 2 hours of PT. Started wall sits to strengthen quad. Hopefully that will smooth out stair climbs. Iced on and off all day at work. One hour of PT. Focused mainly on wall sits and ROM exercises. My ball's getting flat! Stupid winter! Iced Knee on and off at work. PT at home focused on strengthening, but still did a lot of ROM exercises. Knee very stiff, limping while walking. PT appt. Reached 133 degrees without force, 138 with! Exceeded goal of 130! Knee pretty stiff this morning. Slight limp. At home PT hit hard today. Focus on knee bending with weight on. At home PT exercises for 2 hours. Knee shakes a bit with some of the strengthening exercises.

At home PT 3 hours. Knee stopped shaking on weighted bend exercises. Walked for 10 minutes on treadmill. Tried both fast and slow speeds. Knee got a little stiff and started catching a bit.

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No at home PT today. Walked down stairs holding railing, but one foot after the other. Tried kneeling on knee. Bad idea. Heard a small crack type dealy and knee got sore Monday. PT all night. Pushed ROM as far as I could go, and hit strengthening really hard. Knee still sore from yesterday. PT appt. Hit 140 ROM unforced, 143 forced! Things are looking up! Knee still sore and catching, but has gotten a lot better by evening at home PT session. Did shuffle, and am picking up the pace! Looking forward to tomorrow! One month follow up with surgeon. Follow-up went really well! Surgeon was really pleased with the progress and said I could start running in 1-2 weeks. Goal: jogging by Friday the 28th and 145 ROM unforced by the 25th. At home PT mainly focusing on new exercises. At home PT for 2 hours. Concentrated on one legged squat, going down stairs, lateral movements; shuffle, cone step and one and two legged hops; mainly two legged. Can shuffle with a little bit of speed. Still building trust with knee in that respect. No PT today. Sometimes naps just seem more important! Again, concentrating much more on strength than range of motion. I am able to shuffle quite fast (for a dude with a recently repaired knee). I'm getting quite a bit more comfy with it. Calf raises, wall sits, shuffle, one legged squats holding something in front of me, and one and two legged hops.
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Knee feeling best it ever has. No more catching when I walk I think in large part due to the strengthening exercises. I can walk downstairs with only a slight limp. Knee feels extremely stable. What a good day. 1.5 hours of at home PT. Worked hard on shuffling, hopping, one legged squats and calf raises. Getting more comfortable with the hopping.

PT appt. - Started doing hops for distace. Jumped 38 inches on my repaired leg as compared to 70 inches on my good leg. PTist wants me at 70%, or 49 inches. Not bad for a first day of hopping!

No at home physical therapy. I got lazy, what can I say? No at home PT. No at home PT. Light at home PT. Mainly hopping and shuffling.
Shuffling, standing on object bend, and hopping.