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A few weeks out of surgery. Looks like Dr. Frankenstein has had his hands on me!



Surgery: Yes, no? Options?

After tearing an ACL the injured individual has some important questions ahead of him/her.

~ Are there options other than surgery that can effectively heal my torn ligament?
~ If not, which type of surgery should I pursue?
~ How long will the surgery be?
~ Will I miss much work?


How long will surgery be?
On the day of surgery, I arrived around 10am, with surgery starting around 1pm. Surgery preperation (paperwork, etc.) took a bit of time. I was then put under an anasthetic (nerve block for my leg, and a general anasthetic for surgery). What scared me about surgery wasn't the surgery itself, but that I wouldn't wake up from the anasthetic. My doctor assured me that this was a very rare circumstanace, which helped to cool my nerves a bit. The surgery itself lasted around an hour and a half, which is about on par with the average. After surgery, you are rolled into 'recovery' which can take a while as you return to consciousness from the anasthetic and regain your composure.

Will I miss much work?
This was a large concern of mine as well. This is totally dependent upon your own recovery, and which knee had the reconstruction. I returned to work after two weeks, largely because my right knee was the one that had undergone ACL reconstruction. If your left leg is the limb in question it all depends on how comfortable you are driving while your none-pedal-pushing leg is in pain. Also, if you are on any kind of vicodin, or percocet, it may be illegal for you to drive, as you would be considered 'driving under the influence.' Be sure to check with your doctor to see which type of medication you are on and what he recommends as far as driving is considered.

.-Jason S.